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Drone Pilot Training Program: Hands-on Activities

Welcome to the Drone Training Program.


1. Before Starting the Training

Pre-Training Survey

Before starting the training, we would like to have an idea of the prior background that participants have on drones.
Fill-in the following Pre-Training Survey.

2. During the Training

Building a Drone Survey

This survey is to get a conceptual idea about the process to build a drone from every participants. Fill-in the following form.

Training Slides

Drone Pilot Training Program Slides: The slides and encrypted and are only provided to participants.

Drone Suggested Components

Drone Components List: This document contains a list of suggested components to build a drone.

Review Questions

Review Questions: This document contains review questions that helps for the preparation of certification exam.

Drone Simulation Lab

Drone Simulation Lab: This document contains lab activities on drone simulation with SITL.

3. After Completion of the Training

Note: Please do not respond to the survey below until you fully complete the program and you are notified by the trainer to fill in the forms.

Training Learning Outcomes Assessment

At the end of the training, we would like to assess the training learning outcomes for every participants to estimate the level of accomplishment of the training objectives
Fill-in the following Training Learning Outcomes Survey.

Training Satisfaction Form

The objective of this form is to have the feedback of participants about their overall satisfaction on the program content, sessions, trainer, and provide recommendations and suggestions for improvements of next sessions. Fill-in the following Drone Piloting Training Evaluation.

Recommended References

Ardupilot and MAVLink

Navio2 Documentation

Gapter Documentation

Pixhawk Documentation

SITL and MAVProxy

Video Resources

MAVLink Tutorial 1: Overview of MAVLink protocol

Date: Nov 11, 2016
Objective:Introduction to MAVLink, Ardupilot and its Hardware Systems. This is the first in the series of tutorials on the MAVLink Protocol and Ardupilot. These tutorials follow a step-by-step approach to introduce the most important concepts of MAVLink and Ardupilot, and its hardware systems.

MAVLink Tutorial 2: Overview of Ground Station of the MAVLink protocol

Date: Nov 11, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 3: Overview of RC Transmitters

Date: Nov 11, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 4: MAVLink Messages and Commands

Date: Nov 18, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 5: Flight Modes

Date: Nov 19, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 6: Start SITL

Date: Dec 13, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 7: Connect SITL to Ground Station

Date: Dec 13, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 8: Taking-Off, Landing and Flying in GUIDED mode

Date: Dec 16, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 9: Getting and Setting MAVLink Parameters

Date: Dec 30, 2016

MAVLink Tutorial 10: Understanding Geofencing and its parameters

Date: April 01, 2017

MAVLink Tutorial 11: Flying in Autonomous Mode

Date: April 01, 2017