Operating Systems for Erle Brain

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Tutorial Overview


Operating Systems for Erle Brain


Anis Koubaa


This tutorial shows the different operating systems that can be used by the Erle Brain.


Connections Types and Steps

Debian OS

If you wish to use a Debian distribution in Erle-Brain, download one of this images we have uploaded:

Getting started in the Debian image

  • Debian image user and passwordIn order to connect via ssh, use:

i.e: ssh root@ if using miniUSB connection.

Snappy Ubuntu Core

Snappy Ubuntu Core is our recommended operating system. It’s a new rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates – a minimal server image with the same libraries as today’s Ubuntu, but applications are provided through a simpler mechanism. The snappy approach is faster, more reliable, and lets us provide stronger security guarantees for apps and users. An app store for drones and robots?The App Store for drones and robots is a market place of apps and behaviors powered by Snappy Ubuntu Core where people is encouraged to put their algorithms for sale. Furthermore, we’ve put special effort into providing ROS support which means that you can create applications out of your favorite robotics framework.
If you wish to use a Snappy Ubuntu Core distribution in Erle-Brain, download the image we have uploaded.
The image includes official ROS Indigo support with daemons launched at init, mavros APM bridge to create telemetry bridges for wifi, usb and 433/915 MHz traditional telemetry radios. It also includes a trusty chroot for development purposes.Getting started in the Snappy imageSnappy image user and passwordIn order to connect via ssh, use:


i.e: ssh ubuntu@ if using miniUSB connection.

What is included?

This image includes the following elements:

  • APM autopilot repository in the ardupilot folder
  • APM logs/parameters under APM folder
  • catkin_ws in order to develop ROS packages, with an example (ros_erle_takeoff_land)

If you wish to learn about the Snappy Ubuntu Core and the App Store], clik on the link.